6Kidspiration is specially designed for children of primary school age and can at school and at home is deployed . This superb program provides an easy child-friendly way to take full advantage of the achievements of visual learning . Children create 039b9cd7-7b38-45e4-b250-8773d8fbdcb7_Classroom-2graphical diagrams such as pins and word association diagrams by combining pictures, text and spoken words. They give their thoughts and ideas back and organize information. The interface is fully adapted to the way children think. Therefore the children are already familiar with after an hour Kidspiration . And as the means by which Kidspiration challenges the children to visual learning are very sophisticated, they quickly reach spectacular results. Kidspiration is a high performance tool to playfully learn children to think about structures in many guises. Now: Version 2.1 – also optimized for Smartboard